Different Types of Bolts You Should Know

Different Types of Bolts You Should Know

Posted on Sunday, 3rd February, 2013 in Bolts

The bolt is an item commonly used for locking two or more things together. The process involves inserting the bolt at the required point and simulating a spiral-like entry. This process mimics that of a screw being inserted into another object. The bolt is inserted using a tool like a wrench in order to lock it in place. Once the lock has occurred, the bolt becomes difficult to nearly impossible to remove.

This is to ensure that the bolt helps provide maximum security and safety. Holjack Industries manufactures a lot of different bolts for different needs. There are many variations in bolts and their use varies for each type. Holjack Industries provides the highest quality bolts, and here are just some of the types of bolts.

Hex Bolts

Hex bolts are the most common type of bolts around. The name comes from their heads which are in the shape of a hexagon. They are the most widely used bolts for construction purposes and can come in multiple sizes. Holjack Industries have a wide array of hex bolts to choose from. Hex bolts are commonly attached or removed with the use of a wrench or other type of tool.

Lag Bolts

Lag bolts are specialized for use with wood. Their tips are pointed, much like a screw. These lag bolts are used for connecting wooden materials to any other type of wood material or metal. Lag bolts also have a wooden thread within them.

Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts have a head with a smooth flat surface which is in contrast to other types of bolts which have bulky designed heads. These are primarily used for permanent seals as they are hard to remove even with the use of a tool.

Eye Bolts

The eye bolt’s head has a round or semi-round shape with a hole in it. This is likely to hold a piece of wire or chain and allows these materials to pass through them.

U Bolts

The U bolt has a U shaped steel for a head much similar to that of a padlock in its locked state. The U bolt comes with a rectangular bend to support it in its entirety. The U bolt is primarily used for constraining pipes or bulky wires.

J Bolts

The J bolt simply looks like it has the letter J for its head. It is primarily used similarly to an eye bolt but with a space for whatever you’re tying down to move around.

Elevator Bolts

The elevator bolt is primarily used in conveyor systems. Its design is somewhat similar to that of hanger bolts, having a round flat surface for a head. It’s just made a bit stronger to support the weight of its mechanism.

After knowing the different types of bolts you will be in a better position to order the ones you require. Holjack Industries specializes in producing and selling several types of bolts, so feel free to browse their extensive range of products.