The Many Types of Light Duty Drawer Slide

The Many Types of Light Duty Drawer Slide

Posted on Friday, 22nd March, 2013 in Drawer Slides

A light duty drawer slide, also known as a drawer glide, is a product that makes a drawer stay in the cabinet, even if it is drawn out to its maximum opening. In the olden days, a conventional drawer slide light duty was made from wood. It needed regular lubrication and waxing to remain useful. Nowadays, a drawer slide light duty is usually made of plastic or metal in order to cater to the varying needs of cabinet owners everywhere.

With the many types available, it can be confusing for a novice to choose the ideal drawer slide light duty for their cabinets. To help you choose the appropriate drawer slide that you need, here are the different types available at Holjack Industries Australia:

European Drawer Slide

This inexpensive type of drawer slide light duty is very easy to install. It is located at the bottom side part of the cabinet, with another fixed at the inner side of the drawer. Because it is placed on the side of the cabinet, it is visible to the eye.

Centre Drawer Slide

As the name suggests, this drawer slide light duty is located in the middle of the cabinet. From top view, a centre drawer slide cannot be seen. If you are looking for a drawer slide light duty that does not interfere with the drawer’s design, then the centre slide is what you need.

Under Drawer Slide

This drawer slide light duty is easy to install, just like a centre slide. This item is attached at the inside edge of the sides of the cabinet. After placing the slide on the bottom, the installation process is complete. Apart from light duty applications, the under drawer slide is also suitable 0for medium to heavy duty applications.

Bottom Drawer Slide

When it comes to computers, kitchen pantries and entertainment centres, the bottom drawer light duty is your best option. This slide is attached at the bottom, which keeps the sides clear from unnecessary clutter. Like an under slide, a bottom drawer slide can be used for heavy duty applications as well. Full extension can also be achieved with a bottom drawer slide light duty.

Side Drawer Slide

A side drawer slide light duty is the most popular model in Australia. This item is usually seen in kitchen cabinets. There are many side slides available, depending on length and width. Designs according to durability and extensions are offered as well.

This drawer slide light duty is usually attached to the exterior of the cabinet sides, as well as the inside part of the drawer. Since they are highly visible, it is ideal for homeowners who do not mind seeing the drawer slide installed in their cabinet.

When it comes to choosing a drawer slide light duty, you need to choose the best product to suit your needs. That’s where Chad of Holjack Industries Australia comes into the picture. As an expert in drawer slides, he can tell you what products suit your installation needs.