Industrial Fasteners

Posted on Friday, 1st March, 2013 in Fasteners

Industrial fasteners are small, mechanical products that hold parts together. They are necessary for machines and equipment in order for the parts to stay together, so that they can be used to their maximum potential.

There are many industrial fasteners out there, and it can be confusing when choosing one to suit your needs. If you wish to learn more about these great inventions, then here are some pointers about the industrial fasteners sold by Holjack Industries Australia.


Industrial fasteners come in a number of styles, ranging from stainless steel fasteners, pins, hinges, springs, clips, bolts and nuts. As previously mentioned, there are many kinds of industrial fasteners, with some more widely used than others.
Screws, by far, are some of the most famous industrial fasteners available. These are tapered threaded rods with sharp points. They are used to increase and decrease air pressure in pneumatic systems, as well as shut off the water flow inside a valve.

Another product recommended by Chad is a rivet, a permanent type of fastener, which needs to be drilled in order to be removed. Another is the compression fitting, a multi-part fastener which makes the ends of hoses, pipes and clips meet.

These industrial fasteners utilise the principles of tension and friction.

Washers, on the other hand, are items that complement industrial fasteners. They make nuts and bolts more effective. Washers make sure that the bolts do not go through all the way through the hole. There is another type of washer, called a vibration washer, which prevents the loosening of conjoined parts due to frequent movement.


Most industrial fasteners are made from stainless steel, although there are some that are made of ceramic, fibreglass, rubber or plastic. When these items are manufactured, they are done so in such a way that they can fit universally. So, even if the fasteners are made in China, their form and structure can fit adaptors made in the United States.

Choosing the best dealer of Industrial Fasteners

With the many sellers of industrial fasteners out there, it can be quite confusing to choose the best in the field. Whenever you are faced with this kind of dilemma, make sure to be guided by these key points:

  • Quality Service – this is the first thing you should look for in a dealer. You can expect this type of service from Holjack Industries Australia. The owner, Chad, can actually help you through the selection process. He will provide recommendations as he sees fit. With this quality service, you will be able to choose the best industrial fasteners for your needs.
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Strong and sturdy industrial fasteners can be purchased at Holjack Industries Australia. Chad, the owner, can help you in choosing the best industrial fasteners for your needs.