Nutsert Tooling

Posted on Sunday, 17th November, 2013 in General

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Nutsert Tooling

A Pneumatic Nutsert Tool (also known as a Rivnut Tool or Threaded Insert Tool) is very versatile in what you can use it for, suitable for the Tradesman or for around the shed at home. They are also described as a Air Hydraulic tool, this being the same as an air operated POP Rivet gun.

This is a high quality tooling that will allow the user to complete any job with confidence. This is a widely used tool in the Sheetmetal, Engineering, Transportation, Defence and Marine industries.

The tool package includes M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10 Mandrels.

Common Uses

  • Current Insert repairs
  • Balustrade
  • Sheet Metal
  • Truck repairs
  • Engineering
  • DIY

Nutsert Grip Range of included Nutserts

M4 0.5mm 2.00mm
M5 0.5mm 3.3mm
M6 0.7mm 4.2mm
M8 0.7mm 3.8mm
M10 0.7mm 3.8mm