Over Centre Catches & Latches Available Online Sale

Over Centre Catches & Latches Available Online Sale

Posted on Saturday, 29th December, 2012 in Latches

Over Centre Catches

There are many types of Over Centre Latches available on the market that are used to close tool boxes, chests, cabinets, and other types of drawers that need a tension latch that is easy to open and close. These come in a variety of sizes from small to extra large and are made of reliable steel.  Installation is easy with just two to four screws for the majority of models.

Small Sized Catches

There are a variety of uses for these small sized Over Centre Catches and some of the most common uses are found on the toolboxes, sideboards, Ute trays, and gates.  They are a solid steel product and have been a reliable fastener for many years.  The product comes with a hook plate and catch and is very easy to install, plus they are reasonably priced, ranging from just $5.50 on up.

Medium Sized Catches

For the larger gates and toolboxes, oftentimes the medium sized Over Centre Latches are a better choice.  They are also made of solid steel and have provided reliable locking mechanisms for decades.  This medium sized catch come with the catch and the hook plate and generally takes up to four screws to install.  The pricing on these start at $6 and go up.

Large Sized Catches

When the toolbox or gate is a much larger and heavier item, the larger Over Centre Latches are more appropriate for the added security that is needed.  Typically these larger catches and latches are found on a variety of machinery but can also be very useful on the larger sideboards, Ute trays, gates, or tool boxes to keep them secure from theft.  When a sturdier product is required, these large sizes are a better solution, and they are made of solid steel like their smaller counterparts.  These start in price from just $15.

Shipping and Payments

When these products are needed, Holjack Industries can easily provide these Over Centre Catches on a timely basis – even express shipping is available for those customers to need these catches in a crunch. Shipment is available across Australia and there is never a charge for shipping, it’s included for free!

There are a variety of ways to pay for these Over Centre Catches that are convenient and secure for the customers. If a direct debit is preferred to a bank account, or a credit card is the preferable method; both of these are available to the customers.  In addition, many customers have chosen to use PayPal as a method of payment, and this is now available and is a secure and easy way to make payments. Regardless of the preferred method, we can be flexible and use whatever payment method that best suits the needs of the customers.

High Quality Products

Our Over Centre Latches have been available for many decades because the company that manufactures these catches are reliable and make an excellent, high quality product that is designed to last for many years. Customers benefit by not only having a great product, but in dealing with a company that knows the business and can provide excellent customer service, making sure you are choosing the right latch for your application.