Types Of Latches Available

Types Of Latches Available

Posted on Wednesday, 23rd January, 2013 in Latches

Types of Latches You Need to Know About

The standard definition of the latch states that it is a type of mechanical locking mechanism. It syncs together two objects causing a locking effect to seal the two objects together. The latch is found directly between the two causing them to lock and split at any given time when the user wants this to happen. The briefcase, though not necessarily using a latch, is a close example. It has two locks on the side that you simultaneously click in order to open the briefcase, provided that the number combination has been input.Then, if you close the briefcase, you will hear a clicking sound caused by the locking mechanisms in the sides causing it to be locked.

The latch functions similar to that but they can come in many types, shapes or forms. Holjack Industries supplies many industrial type latches used day to day. Here are some of the types of latches you need to know about; some of them are produced by Holjack Industries.

Spring Latch

One of the most common latches is the spring latch. The spring latch, as the name suggests, has a spring within its design. The spring latch is usually attached to a door where it performs its locking procedures. If the door is being closed, the spring latch is retracted. In the opposite way when the door is opened, the spring latch is released. The state of the spring latch’s operation depends on whether the door is being opened or closed. Holjack Industries sells a range of different spring latches ranging from spring bolt latches to toggle latches.

Slam Latch

The slam latch is yet another common latch and, like its name, performs when slamming. The act of slamming the latch depends on the size of the slam latch. If it is a big one then, naturally, a powerful slam is necessary. If it is a small one then a light and subtle slam is only needed if you don’t want to break it but, then again, there’s always Holjack Industries to supply replacements.

Crossbar Latch

The crossbar latch may be considered old fashioned and perhaps out of date because of its simple mechanism which involves the act of sliding the bar in order to lock the latch. Its simple mechanism involves the act of sliding the bar from left to right or vice versa depending on where the locking occurs.

Cabin Hook

The cabin hook was prominent in the past and can be seen on doors specifically in hotels, inns and cabins. There are also bigger versions of the cabin hook but the design remains as a hook and a ring. The mechanism includes the act of putting the hook into the circle, forming a locking effect.

Latches all perform the act of locking, and Holjack Industries have them for sale. After all, the act of locking gives you a certain assurance and a sense of security.