What Are Drawer Slides?

Drawer slides have been around as long as anyone can remember. They are found everywhere, like at home, at school, or at work. The concept of the drawer slide is to let you easily pull out a drawer from within its housing. Then you can just push it back in whenever you’re done with it. The process of simply pushing and pulling it isn’t as simple as it may seem. That’s because the side of the drawers and the drawer slides’ designs need to be in sync otherwise they’ll just end up rubbing against each other. The other reason is that when they don’t sync the drawer and the slideswon’t match, thus the drawer will not be able to be inserted where the slides are.

If they are stocked with extreme amounts then it is more likely for the drawer slide to become damaged.

Holjack Industries supplies drawer slides for your needs. Holjack Industries carries light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty drawer slides. They vary in strength in order to support the items they are holding. The light ones normally support light contents while the heavy ones support heavy contents. These drawer slides are durable but they can become worn with the passage of time. Depending on what kind of material these slides are made of, they can get rusty in time. They also get misaligned or damaged with careless use over long periods of time.

One concrete example is the filing cabinet where brand new drawers easily slide in and out. You can see that with long use the filing cabinet becomes hard to open by pulling, let alone close. There are several factors that contribute to this and one of them is probably the over stocking of a drawer’s contents. Depending on the filing cabinet’s purpose they usually use light to medium duty materials.

If they are stocked with extreme amounts then it is more likely for the drawer slide to become damaged. There are restrictions and limitations to how much a drawer slide’s strength lies. You should always take pre emptive measures in order to avoid breaking these slides. After all you should also consider avoiding damages in order to save any possible expenses. This method also saves you perhaps more money than you can spend for repairs and maintenance.

In case of damaged drawer slides you can always have them replaced, or you can buy new ones from manufacturers like Holjack Industries. The question is, when do you usually have them replaced? One reason is having obvious difficulty in pulling and pushing the drawer, like the example mentioned of the filing cabinet. There are times when the product itself is too damaged and replacing the drawer slides alone isn’t enough, so purchasing a new one is more likely to be the choice.

If you have doubts with regard to your drawer slides you can always check them for yourself. Check and see if the drawer slides are damaged and if they aren’t you need then check the sides of the drawers. You can always email in for a professional advice from Holjack Industries.